Tap That

Last night, despite the bad news we received earlier in the day, the JA and I went back to school to watch the fall play. Our president always told the teachers to love the boys so the JA and I thought that going to the play would show our support for all the hard work these students put into it.

I have to tell you, driving there was one of the hardest things I’ve had to do. As the public relations contact for the school, after we received the news I was pretty much working all afternoon – responding to media requests, placing information on the school website, and monitoring media outlets. It was difficult to walk on to campus, knowing how many tears will be shed and how much grief will take place there in the next few days.

The play was a lot better than we thought it would be and afterward we went out to Aida bistro with some other teachers. The JA and I had never been there before and so we got a brief tour of their premises. Aida has wine on tap (sign me up!) and allows for patrons with specific reservations to sit at its Chef’s Table, giving them the opportunity to eat a six to eight course meal with wine pairings while seeing how the kitchen operates. After hearing that, it’s definitely on our ‘to-do’ list!

chilled wine - if you like what you're drinking at your table, you can purchase a bottle to take home!

kegs of wine

tappin' that

We got in pretty late, but it was nice to see everyone and regroup.

Today’s a busy one – I officially become a godmother!


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