The past week has left me feeling a bit rundown – not good considering the holidays are quickly arriving and I’m not prepared at ALL. It’s the achy, semi-runny, can’t-sleep-because-your-nose-is clogged deal. Time to call in the big guns.

love these things at the beginning of a cold

I sucked it up and went to a first birthday party for the JA’s niece on Saturday. First off, she is absolutely adorable. Second, going certainly did not help with the fatigue issue. I come from a fairly small family and his is HUGE in comparison. No one had seen us from that side of the family since we got engaged, so it was a lot of talking on our end. When we left, I told him that going to family functions with him is like an endurance sport – I just need to learn to pace myself. I’ll have to be a quick study, seeing as we’re spending Christmas day with both sides of his family. I hope there’s a nap in between!

This week is going to be another busy but good one. I just hope I get enough rest that I can power through and enjoy it all!

Any tips out there to help me deal with a larger family during the holidays? The JA has already warned me that there are certain family members everyone tries to avoid for fear of being trapped in conversation for hours on end…


2 thoughts on “Rundown

  1. Oh no! Hope you get better soon!

    As for the large families–I know we can be intense at times! Try to get to know what everyone’s “thing” is. My older sister’s boyfriend engages with us in all different ways, based on our likes and preferences. For example, he and I will exercise together, since he knows I enjoy working out. He’ll play Xbox with my brother, and help cook dinner with my mom. By just making the effort, they will know that you care!

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