Try It Tuesday: Muppet Edition

While I have yet to see the Muppet movie (hint, hint, JA) I have been a huge Jim Henson fan since my childhood. Mommy Janks will be the first to tell you my schedule as a child: wake up, eat, Sesame Street, lunch, nap, more Sesame Street.

The thing I love about the Muppets is that they not only appeal to a younger audience, but there’s enough adult humor hidden in within those lovely puppets. Since the holidays are (literally) right around the corner, and at at Christmas it’s nice to partake in a bit of childlike wonder, I always bust out my John Denver and the Muppets cd for my drives in the car.

That, in addition to a Muppet Christmas Carol, are consistently a part of my holiday traditions.

And apparently, there is still more Muppet-ness that I have been missing! The JA has promised to introduce me to his favorite Muppet Christmas movie, A Muppet Family Christmas.

Whew! That’s a lot of Jim Henson and Frank Oz for one post. Happy Tuesday ๐Ÿ™‚


6 thoughts on “Try It Tuesday: Muppet Edition

    • the JA and I were supposed to see Muppets a few weeks ago but figure that it will be less crowded over Christmas break. I’m hoping to have a review up afterward!

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