Dear iPod

Dear iPod,

I know you’ve been around a few years and are feeling a bit neglected now that I have my iPhone. However, that doesn’t mean that you should have suddenly disappeared on me yesterday.

You know I forsake all others when we go to the gym. It’s just you and me time. I know I forgot you on Monday and didn’t have the time to search for you at the gym yesterday. But I know I put you in my pink bag before I left for work and now you’re not there. You’re not in my car. You’re not in the bathroom or my purse or under my bed. Where are you?!?!

You’re the first thing I wake up to in the morning, the music I play as I desperately try to prepare for my day in the shower, my favorite accessory at work and my motivation during my workouts.

Please come back. I miss you terribly.



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