Busy As A Bee

Hi All!

The past few days have been filled with friends, family and fun.

Friday night, since the JA was feeling a bit under the weather, I flew solo to my friend’s parents house for their annual Christmas party. It’s always good to kick off the holiday weekend visiting with Dith and her parents!

Saturday the JA was feeling much better (especially after a Ravens win), and we did dinner, Mass and presents with my family. While I had a good idea of what I was getting, he was quite surprised with his gifts.

Sunday, we did both sides of his family. The day began around 7 a.m. and lasted until about 8:30 p.m. with only a small nap in the middle. While it was much different than my normal Christmas, it was great to see everyone and continue to bond with my future family-in-law. (Fun headbands don’t hurt, either.)

Yesterday, before Nettifred left, she, Mommy Janks and the JA’s mom went wedding dress shopping with me. We found a contender, but still have another appointment later in the week. It was really exciting trying on dresses and just a tad bit of “holy crap, this is really legit” once a veil got placed on my head. Hopefully, I’ll come to a decision later this week!

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend 🙂


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