And Away We Go!

On Wednesday, the JA and I hightailed it out of Baltimore for the day. It’s nice to take some ‘us’ time and go on adventures every once in a while. Since the JA has already been up to Penn State (with Mommy and Daddy Janks no less), it was high time that I made the trip up to his alma mater, Dickinson College.

We arrived on campus around 11:30a and walked around campus. It was a bit windy for my taste but then again, I’m always cold. He gave me a quick tour (the college was technically closed and we couldn’t get into many of the buildings) and had lunch with two of his professors. Afterward, things got really nerdy as we were shown the new science complex. It’s HUGE and still slated for a bit more expansion!

click image for source

On the way back, we made a quick stop in York to see my favorite (okay, only) godson. Little Loosh is getting so big! We had a wonderful time catching up with Momma and Poppa Loosh and watching the little one roll around on the floor/play with all the new toys he received for Christmas.

It was a great day despite the windy weather and I’m so glad we had the chance to visit with everyone!

What are the ‘to-dos’ that MUST happen when you visit your alma mater? Most of mine revolve around food…


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