Back On Track…Hopefully

As much as I am a creature of routine, starting a new year always seems to present a challenge. I’ve had over a week off and even though the JA and I were busy, it wasn’t enough from keeping me staying up way late, sleeping in even later, and generally not taking care of myself as much as I should.

I did, however, travel to Dickinson. And find a makeup person for the wedding. And see some of my favorite college kids. But it’s still not enough to keep a gal like me busy.

Last week, I also chose my wedding dress (love, love, LOVE it.) The same night, I met with Heather, a Baltimore by way of Connecticut blogger who recently got married. We met at Baltimore Coffee & Tea and talked about our lives, how we ended up in Bmore and wedding stuff. It was great meeting another blogger in real life (I met with Colleen earlier in 2011) and we talked so much that they had to kick us out of the shop so they could close!

Yesterday was the first day back to work. Usually the it’s a whirlwind. I got in, sorted through emails, started writing/prioritizing, had a mini-freak out, barely ate lunch. I’m sure you know how it goes. Had enough energy for a kick-butt workout in the evening, came home and was even more productive.

If only that feeling could translate to the second day back. Today is generally the day that everything kicks in – fatigue, yearning for the weekend, regrets about how I should have enjoyed my time off. So far, I’ve gotten up early and am in the office ahead of schedule (thank you for that, Baltimore traffic!). I’m hoping that I can muscle through (it is, after all, Wednesday) and finish the week feeling good and being super productive!


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