Book Review: Bossypants

I haven’t done a book review in a while. Sorry ’bout it – been a little busy with the holidays and wedding planning. However, once things calmed down I had time to fit in a few gems – one of which was Tina Fey’s Bossypants.

Hysterical. I was laughing out loud throughout the entire book. First off, I don’t know about you, but when I read emails from friends, I can hear their voice inflections. The same theory applied to this book. Between SNL and 30 Rock, I could hear Tina’s voice in my head as I read the text – making it even more enjoyable.

The book is totally geared at women (sorry, boys) and touches on topics such as first crushes, summer camp, pregnancy, female milestones, feminism and women in business. Tina’s writing style conveyed her thoughts on each of these topics in an honest, upbeat and comedic manner. Coming from one of the more recognizable female comedians, I wouldn’t expect anything less.

Highly recommend as a read. However, would not recommend reading at the gym or anywhere else you would feel self-conscious about giggling, chuckling and/or laughing out loud.



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