Yesterday, my morning started out with the news of Joe Paterno’s death. This news, considering that Joe had been ‘in my family’ for many years, was heartbreaking. Yes, he was 85. Yes, he may not have acted correctly regarding the Sandusky trial. Yes, he had lung cancer. All of these are true. However, it doesn’t make his passing any easier on myself or the many other Penn Staters who were affected by Joe’s actions and generosity. He was a great man and a great coach, but most of all, he was a human being – one who will be greatly missed.

Then, in the afternoon the Ravens were thisclose to a trip to the Super Bowl. Again, while we can be upset at the outcome, Billy Cundiff is only human. Everyone makes mistakes. Still doesn’t make the hurt any less painful or frustrating.

After all that, I decided that was all I could take for one day, called it a night and went to bed.

Here’s hoping that today will be a much better day than yesterday!


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