Try It Tuesday: Book Club

I know in previous posts I’ve mentioned how much I love my Book Club, but I wanted to elaborate a bit on why.

I ❤ my Book Club

Not only are these women smart and well-read, but they can network with the best of them. We had Sarah Jio call in a few months ago and have another author slated for an appearance at this month’s meeting.

Additionally, for the most part, we have all become friends. Sure, we break off into our own separate conversations sometimes, but for the most part we discuss the book and how it relates to us. We have shared in each other’s triumphs and pitfalls all over copious amounts of appetizers and, yes, wine.

For me, book club is a release – an event that I anticipate every month. It falls toward the end of the month, when I’m generally stressing about one thing or the other. When I arrive at Book Club, all that dissipates. I’m around women who I admire both personally and professionally.

On a somewhat related note, for all the men folk out there – I mentioned last year that the school at which I work instituted a mandatory summer reading program/discussion. In sitting with these young men, while the are not the most articulate or enthusiastic readers out there, I learned that they pick up on themes and enjoyed our discussion. While it may not be extremely ‘manly’ to sit around and talk about books, you may find a new author you enjoy, a new friend, or a new perspective.

Get out there and read some books, people!

For some of my most recent reads, click here.


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