Sometimes you have those days. Days where you nothing seems to go correctly. This week has been a string of those days. So yesterday, I actually ate dessert.


I re-watched segments of Joe Paterno’s memorial service. I teared up, laughed, and mourned a man that I never had the chance to meet. A man who represents my alma mater and who remains a bond between my parent’s Penn State experience and my own. One friend described it very well. She said, “It’s almost like losing a grandfather.”

As I said, it’s been a long week. I’m glad it’s almost over. This weekend, I’m taking some time off. I decided to head to the beach with one of my bridesmaids who is leaving me for a job in Texas soon. I’ve (politely) blown off everything else I had planned and am very excited to drink some wine, watch some movies, relax, and spend the weekend with her.



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