What’s Wrong With This Picture?

Yesterday was one of those ‘nothing-can-get-me-down’ days. I was in good spirits even after (maybe) getting caught by a speed camera, bumping the front of my car and this happening.

See if you can figure out what’s wrong with this picture.

Beside the fact that I own an excessive amount of Under Armour gear, you may have noticed that nay a workout sock or tennis shoe is in sight.

Ladies and gents, I’m that girl who went to the gym all pumped to get in a good workout, who started to change and realized she had no tennis shoes. Maybe you can work out in black socks and heels, but I can’t. Oops.

I took it as a sign that I needed to come home, make carrot cake cupcakes, and relax.

So (in addition to cleaning out/re-packing my gym bag) I did.

Is there something that you tend to forget if you don’t pack it in advance?

Seeing Red

As I mentioned before, I’m a fan of awards season. While I’m not a real fashionista myself, I’d like to pretend I could hang with the red-carpet interviewers. (I mean, seriously, some of the questions that are posed are ridiculous!)

Here are my favorites for Best Dressed at the Academy Awards:

Natalie Portman

Gwyneth Paltrow

Tina Fey

Sandra Bullock

Jessica Chastain

Best Hair? Cameron Diaz. I’m dye-ing (get it? ha. ha.) for short hair again, but that’ll have to wait until after the wedding…

Are you a red carpet junkie like me? Who was your favorite actor/actress of the night?

Note: As always, click images for their source.

Manners Matter

In working at an all-boys school, sometimes manners are hard to come by. Which can make working with larger groups of students challenging.

The office in which I work holds a series of events around this time of year where students help us with our fundraising efforts. Student groups and sports teams raise money for the school and receive a commission to use as they choose.

Last night, the football players participated. Most of these were freshmen who were lifting weights with the head coach in hopes of bettering themselves in the off-season. I was pleasantly surprised by their polite nature and etiquette overall.

It made all the difference for those of us who staffed the event. So today, try to remember the following things:

1. It’s Friday!
2. Even though you may be having a rockin’ day, someone else might not be
3. Courtesy, respect and manners go a long way in helping you get your desired outcome

Have a great day 🙂

Hey Mr. Postman

Yesterday, I made one of the most harrowing trips to FedEx known to mankind. Everything was fine and the trip went very smoothly. It was the package that causes me worry.

I sent my engagement ring and the matching wedding band back to the jeweler to get them resized.

And now my hand is bare. It feels really weird, so I’ve taken to wearing one of my other rings on that hand.

(Let’s pretend there’s a picture here of my nicely manicured bare left hand. In reality, it’s not such a pretty sight so be thankful I decided to forego the photo!)

What’s one accessory that you can’t live without? My normal jewelry consists of a ring on my right ring finger, one on my left ring finger (duh!), a watch and a bracelet. Any alteration leaves me feeling a bit off.


Today is the beginning of Lent – meaning that for forty days, I will be abstaining from something(s) in order to remind myself the true meaning of sacrifice.

This year, that means alcohol – mainly wine, hard liquor and beers that fall under 5%. (Basically, the majority of adult beverages that I consume in a regular week).

In the event that I falter on that front, I’m also going to try to give up checking Facebook on my phone. You see, it’s my go-to app when I’m waiting around for someone or something. Or too lazy to get up off the couch. I can’t give up Facebook entirely because I use it for work, so I think that this is a happy medium.

Might be a rough forty days up in here, but I’m up for the challenge!

Try It Tuesday: Blast from the Past

There’s something to be said about living in the present. Yet, who would we be if it weren’t for our past? In planning my own wedding, I have learned more about my parents, my fiance and traditions while also becoming privy to stories and anecdotes that either I had forgotten or were never told to me. These are times that I am sure to treasure as I begin my journey into married life. It’s also quite enjoyable to take a peek back at what life (and fashion) was like when my parents tied the knot.

Eesh. Look at those bridesmaid dresses!

Reminiscing with my parents helps keep things in perspective. As much as I’d like to think our day will be timeless and classic, my parents probably did, too. It’s kind of like looking back on old pictures of yourself and wondering, “How and WHY did my parents let me out of the house dressed like that?”

I encourage you to dust off those old albums or even take a look back at the past year. It’s amazing how many things change and how many stay the same. Enjoy!


That’s how many reasons why I love Penn State this weekend. (And how much money my beloved THON made to help children and families with pediatric cancer.)

Semi-busy afternoon around these parts in preparation for a crazy week. Hope you’re having a good day!