Super Day

Today is not only the Super Bowl, but it’s also the JA’s birthday!

what a nerd.

We’ve spent the weekend alternately celebrating and commiserating. We’ve both had a bit of a nagging cold and so we attempted to lay low.

Ha – like that can happen on your birthday weekend. Friday night we went out with co-workers and ended up stretching the happy hour into way past dinner. Saturday was a rest & recovery day for him until we went to dinner with both our families. Since it had begun to snow, we called it a night and have just been hanging out since. Not to shabby, if you ask me.

He’s not a big fan his birthday except for the fact that from November to February, I’m two years older than he is and he has the opportunity to rub it in every chance he sees. Therefore, I’ll keep this one short and sweet.

Happy Birthday to my science-loving, Ravens-obsessed, hardcore-Republican, husband-to-be. May this next year be one of the best in your life (and before you argue that, remember we’re getting married this year.)



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