So, I completely forgot that it’s Tuesday so there’s no Try It Tuesday this week. I’ve got a few ideas cookin’ though, so hopefully next week I’ll have a good one for ya 🙂

Now, for the musings of the day….

Being immersed in the whole wedding-planning process (and the stress that comes along with it) has really opened my eyes to how little I know about where my limits are.

to infinity...and beyond! (click image for source)

I push myself to be the best worker – rarely taking a sick or mental health day because there’s always something to be done or some meeting to be had.

I push my relationship forward (sometimes aggravating the JA) and work to make it at least a little bit better than the day prior.

I push myself to be a ‘good’ daughter, sister and friend. Sometimes forgetting my needs and placing those of others in front of my own. Even if it’s not warranted or asked of me. I assume it’s expected at this point.

Recently something happened that made me realize that the only limits you have are the ones that you place on yourself. While it’s good to have them, most are self-imposed. When they begin to rule your life, it’s time to re-evaluate how much or how little you’re going to let dictate your choices and actions.

Sometimes you need to say eff it and just do what you want. No one is expected to be perfect. Everyone makes mistakes. It’s our flaws that make us who we are and the person who our friends, family, significant others, etc. know and love anyway 🙂


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