This week, I’ve been cheating…on my gym.

I usually love me some BodyPump but I’m just not feeling it. Whether it’s the fact that I might be coming down with something or I’m just getting bored, I went to the gym on Tuesday and hated every minute I was on the treadmill /Arc Trainer. So when the wintry mix hit Baltimore yesterday, I decided to skip BodyPump, too.

I feel a little guilty because I’ve been cheating with not one, but several others. Some shorter workouts I found on Pinterest, the Tone It Up Valentine’s Day workout and Bridal AbSession.

While I don’t condone cheating of any kind, sometimes it feels good to get out of your comfort zone and do something different.

Any suggestions for other at-home workouts I should try?

Note: As always, click photo images for their source.


3 thoughts on “Cheating

      • I like Turbo Fire and Chalean Extreme by Chalean Johnson. Jillian Michael’s dvd’s are great with the exception of her kettlebell one where she teaches bad form. I will also through in any of the Crunch or 10 Minute Solution dvd’s from Netflix.

        Oh, its new, involves no equipment and will give you a killer workout:

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