As I previously mentioned, one of my bridesmaids (and best friend from high school) is moving to Texas.

yeah, gym uniforms!

She leaves today. Even though she’s moved before – traveling to St. Andrews in Scotland for grad school and Mongolia with the Peace Corps, this time it’s a little bittersweet.

She has a big-kid job working for a university out there. She bought her own car. If you know her, this is kind of a big deal. She normally settles in the States for a bit and then finds a way to escape to Europe for some reason or another.

David Tennant in ANYTHING is enough to get even me to leave the country

I’m so excited for her to begin her new adventure and wish her all the best. Good luck, Claire!

Also, I am now in the market for someone in Baltimore who will force me to eat ice cream, gossip and watch a variety of questionable movies I would probably not pick myself. You have big shoes to fill.


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