Let’s face it, we all judge. Whether it’s someone we know (or more likely someone we don’t), it happens. My judging level hits its peak during awards season. From fashion to musical performances, I’m a machine right now.

Enter, the Grammys.

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After the death of Whitney Houston on Saturday, the Grammys began on a somber note. Then, Bruno Mars stepped in and gave what I thought was a completely amazing performance. His dancing was impeccable and kind of made me really want to see him live. His energy translated through the television screen. Ah! I’m gushing.

I wonder about how the duets get chosen. Alisha Keys and Bonnie Raitt? Loved it. Rihanna and Coldplay? Eh. Tony Bennett and Carrie Underwood? Nice, but didn’t blow me away.

However, my favorite part about award shows? This guy. His commentary had everyone we were watching with in stitches.

One final thought – did I miss the pompadour memo? Bruno Mars, Alisha Keys, even Ryan Seacrest had a bit of poof in his over-gelled locks.


One thought on “Judge-y

  1. I loved Bruno Mars as well but thought as usually, Lady Gaga looked like a frickin freak. You really should have to get a permit or something to dress that stupid!

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