Givin’ Up the Goods

If you love something…let it go.

Two things I love are clothes and money. Here is how I’m letting both go this week.

I have an absurd amount of what I refer to as ‘dressy’ dresses in my closet. Semi-formal dresses (two from junior year and two from senior year) and cocktail dresses (I tend to buy a new one each year for New Years Eve) have had their time. It’s only right to give them to someone else who can use them. One of my Book Club ladies forwarded me an email asking for gently used prom dresses, so this afternoon I’m dropping off four to help the cause. There are a lot of opportunities to give back, but the easiest way to find an organization in need is via

It’s no secret that my Penn State pride permeates my life. One of the reasons why I am so entirely enamored with my alma mater (and apparently alliterations today, too) is due to THON. Short for The IFC/Panhellenic Dance Marathon, THON is the main reason I chose to go to Penn State.

This 46-hour no sitting, no sleeping fundraiser helps support the Four Diamonds Fund – an organization that helps support pediatric cancer patients and their families. The Four Diamonds Fund pays for lodging, food and other necessities that are not covered by insurance for families so that they can focus on fighting the cancer.

Back in MY day, THON was a 48-hour deal and held in Rec Hall. Today, it’s 46-hours and held in the Bryce Jordan Center (the large arena on campus). I participated in THON my senior year and it made my final days at Penn State much more memorable. I raised the money, I fought for my spot and I stayed awake (pretty much) and on my feet for 48 hours straight. It’s no small feat (pun intended) and it’s the least I could do to show my support for these kids and their families. Each year has an uplifting theme: With All Your Heart (2002), Hope Surrounds Us (2003), Always Believing (2004), Embracing Dreams, Sharing Tomorrow (2005). This year’s theme is Brighten Every Journey. While it’s difficult to part with your hard-earned money, knowing that it will help better the life of a child makes donating to THON a no-brainer in my book. To learn more about THON, visit

What’s something that you’ve tried to give up? Were you successful?


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