Try It Tuesday: Blast from the Past

There’s something to be said about living in the present. Yet, who would we be if it weren’t for our past? In planning my own wedding, I have learned more about my parents, my fiance and traditions while also becoming privy to stories and anecdotes that either I had forgotten or were never told to me. These are times that I am sure to treasure as I begin my journey into married life. It’s also quite enjoyable to take a peek back at what life (and fashion) was like when my parents tied the knot.

Eesh. Look at those bridesmaid dresses!

Reminiscing with my parents helps keep things in perspective. As much as I’d like to think our day will be timeless and classic, my parents probably did, too. It’s kind of like looking back on old pictures of yourself and wondering, “How and WHY did my parents let me out of the house dressed like that?”

I encourage you to dust off those old albums or even take a look back at the past year. It’s amazing how many things change and how many stay the same. Enjoy!


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