Hey Mr. Postman

Yesterday, I made one of the most harrowing trips to FedEx known to mankind. Everything was fine and the trip went very smoothly. It was the package that causes me worry.

I sent my engagement ring and the matching wedding band back to the jeweler to get them resized.

And now my hand is bare. It feels really weird, so I’ve taken to wearing one of my other rings on that hand.

(Let’s pretend there’s a picture here of my nicely manicured bare left hand. In reality, it’s not such a pretty sight so be thankful I decided to forego the photo!)

What’s one accessory that you can’t live without? My normal jewelry consists of a ring on my right ring finger, one on my left ring finger (duh!), a watch and a bracelet. Any alteration leaves me feeling a bit off.


3 thoughts on “Hey Mr. Postman

  1. Now I am going to sound extremely sad: I cannot function without my iPhone! It has my books, my satnav, my blog, my twitter, my camera….not to mention my e mail, my audiobook stash, my favourite music. I could go on, but I sense I may already be being a technobore 😀

  2. I’m with you. I busted my engagement ring. Apparently, you should not wear rings while lifting at the gym. I want to get it soldered to my wedding ring but I don’t want to be without them.

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