Manners Matter

In working at an all-boys school, sometimes manners are hard to come by. Which can make working with larger groups of students challenging.

The office in which I work holds a series of events around this time of year where students help us with our fundraising efforts. Student groups and sports teams raise money for the school and receive a commission to use as they choose.

Last night, the football players participated. Most of these were freshmen who were lifting weights with the head coach in hopes of bettering themselves in the off-season. I was pleasantly surprised by their polite nature and etiquette overall.

It made all the difference for those of us who staffed the event. So today, try to remember the following things:

1. It’s Friday!
2. Even though you may be having a rockin’ day, someone else might not be
3. Courtesy, respect and manners go a long way in helping you get your desired outcome

Have a great day 🙂


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