Yesterday, during a trip to Target, I inevitably ended up with more than I needed in my hands. (Why does that always happen?) However, instead of racking up an absolutely crazy bill, I made it out with about only $20 of merchandise.

Including these.

Being that the JA and I will (presumably) be receiving a lot of presents for our upcoming nuptials, I took a detour into the stationary aisle. And what would you know? They were having a sale. 98 cents for 25 cards? Um, yes please.

No lie, I almost texted the JA with glee until I realized that he could care less. So I came home and told Mommy J. instead. Her response, ” Why didn’t you buy them out? You always need thank you notes!!”

Have you recently purchased something for a price you thought was too good to be true? Do tell!


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