Up and At ‘Em

Yesterday morning, the JA and I were up pretty early (for a weekend) and heading out to do our good deed for the day – cleaning the house of a few elderly men. It was a project done in conjunction with a few others from the school community and ended up being a really productive morning.

While it was tempting to come back home and relax, I decided not to let my productivity stop there. I made a stop at the library to pick up a few books I had on hold, came home, threw a load of laundry in the washer, made lunch, changed clothes and headed out to Uptown Cheapskate to see what I could get for the clothes I cleaned out of my closet last weekend.

The day didn’t stop there – I came home, did a quick workout, went to Mass and then headed over to the JA’s for some hangout time.

Today, I’m up and early again for a work function and then we have PreCana class in the evening. (PreCana is a course that us Catholic couples must complete before being allowed to marry in a Catholic church.)

WHEW! This weekend is flying by even without losing an hour to Daylight Savings!


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