Little Victories

Oh Monday, what a fickle beast you are.

This morning I went about my normal routine, including making my breakfast smoothie. I’ve found that when I have a smoothie I not only get out the door on time (or early) because I can take it in the car but I have more energy due to the nutrients and protein involved.

So I pop my ingredients into the Magic Bullet and let it do its thing. However, when I take it out of its holder, something’s off. The lid is still on the container, but it’s a bit wonky…and stuck. Not oh-I’ll-just-give-this-a-good-tug stuck but a legitimate shoot-I-have-to-take-the-container-to-work-to-get-a-man-to-open-it stuck.

Why you gotta be so...mean?

After a few choice words and a ‘really?!’ sent skyward, I take the whole thing in the car with me, hoping that it will somehow loosen (but not spill all over my very cute outfit) so I can have breakfast this morning.

Well, I did it. I successfully opened the container (in the car no less) without spilling. Not gonna lie, I totally did a dance. You have to take the small victories with the big ones, and so I’m somewhat optimistically calling this day a success.

Happy Monday! I hope you have cause for your own victory dance today 🙂


One thought on “Little Victories

  1. You gotta love the Magic Bullet! Very convenient. It was probably reluctant to function well because it was a Monday morning hehe Glad you were able to get to have your breakfast and also hope you had a great Monday 🙂

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