Ups and Downs

Thanks for hanging in with me while I sort some things out. Those same things are still clunking around, but I just haven’t had the time to sit down and write it out.

While I’m still figuring that out, here are some ups and downs from the past few days.

Up: I’m moving!
Down: I’m going to have to pack/unpack 😦

Up: Two of my friends are getting married!
Down: One girl’s bachelorette party was in Baltimore Saturday night and, while it was TOTALLY worth it (see picture below), I stayed out way too late. This made it difficult to wake up, shower, and drive to the other’s shower in PA on Sunday. Yet, it was lovely to see both and celebrate this special time in their lives!

Up: We’re going to North Carolina to visit Nettifred!
Down: We’re driving there and gas prices = not so bueno 😦

Hope your weekend was filled with more ups than downs!


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