Sucked In

For the past week, this thing has been an almost everyday part of my life. We’re lucky enough to have one ‘on loan’ to us for the week.


Being in need of a new computer, I’m thinking that I might forego the traditional PC for something more..sleek. Since it’s been an almost daily part of my life, not to mention that the JA’s been hankering for one since the original came out, I’m leaning toward getting one.

It certainly is easier to pack than a laptop! We’re off to visit Nettifred for the weekend, so stay tuned for updates on our adventure 🙂

Anyone out there own an iPad? Pros/Cons of which I should be aware?


One thought on “Sucked In

  1. I too need a new computer everyone I have talked to said do not buy a Mac laptop until summer when they are overhauling the laptops. Sounds like some major changes in the laptop. I do love my iPad for now 🙂

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