Nitty Gritty

I just read this post about a couple who threw away all their big wedding plans and eloped to New York.

While NYC would not be my first choice, the eloping part was sounding pretty good to me right now. As much as I love planning, there are small things that I absolutely don’t want to do for our big day. Booking hotel blocks. Figuring out transportation. Invitation wording. I’m at the point where these things should be getting done, but I’m totally putting them off. Oops.

In discussing my procrastinating ways with Pouchoey, we ended up listing the small things that are necessary in life but that we just LOATHE. For example, I don’t mind doing laundry. Putting it away? Not my strong suit. Especially when it comes to the items that need to be hung. Those pants are fine draped over the back of that chair until I absolutely need them, right?

Along with putting clothes away, I sometimes (read: almost nightly) place my ‘post work’ clothes in a pile on the floor. This pile grows and grows because, in my mind, it’s pointless to throw something into the laundry when a. it hasn’t been worn all day and b. it’s not sweaty. As a result, my floor looks like this:

See that basket in the closet? That was my attempt to curb my habit and encourage me to store my ‘not quite dirty’ pile in a place other than in front of the clothes I have hanging. Clearly, it’s working.

You’ll also note that my shoe problem has not changed much, either. What? you mean you actually need to be able to step up to the closet to retrieve clothes? Pssh. This is much more adventurous in the morning. Who doesn’t start their day with a good foot-snagging, haphazard tumble into their closet? Not you? Well, shoot.

Question time! What is your least favorite chore OR what was the least favorite part of planning your wedding?


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