Try It Tuesday: FitSugar

With the combination of spring break and the move, in the past few weeks I’ve been lacking in the gym-going department. Enter: FitSugar.

FitSugar gives me quick workouts that I can access from my computer. Perfect for when there’s not a lot of time, you’re traveling, or just aren’t quite familiar with your surroundings. I use the following fat blasting workout and by the end, my heart rate is way up. The next day, my glutes are screaming. Love it!

10 Minute Bootcamp Workout Jeanette Jenkins

I love that I can do these workouts in a pinch but they still get the job done. The website is constantly updated with new workouts, which is ideal when I’m ready to switch up my routine or focus on one specific area.

I would be remiss if I didn’t also mention that FitSugar contains lifestyle articles, recipes and so much more to help you in your quest to live a healthy life.

Psst. If you like this review, check out others in my Try It Tuesday series. You might find few new things to enjoy!


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