Dead or Alive?

Last week, I was listening to a radio show and the hosts were having a conversation about whether chivalry was dead or alive. It got me thinking about gender roles, women’s independence and how the dissemination of information – especially police activity, have impacted the idea of chivalry in today’s society.

The DJs talked about two separate situations: the first being at a gas station where a man was sitting in a car while the woman pumped gas. The DJs said that the guy should have gotten out and pumped the gas. The second situation occurred on the side of the road. The male DJs had gone out for food and saw a lady in need of help with her car on the side of the road. After pulling over and asking if she needed help, the woman refused. The male DJs left the scene baffled as to why someone clearly in need of help would refuse it.

Here are my thoughts on the two scenarios: Situation #1 – I have no issue with pumping my own gas. What if it was the woman’s car and she wants to pay for gas herself? The JA and I often go places together and have to fuel up. Especially if I’m driving my car, I have no issue with paying and pumping my own gas. Situation #2 – When I got a flat tire on the highway, I called my Dad (the geographically closest trusted male) to help me out. If he wasn’t available, I would have called AAA. (One of the best investments I have, not only for the roadside assistance, but also for the hotel discounts.)

The DJs then took calls from the audience. Before I arrived at my destination, the main consensus was that women nowadays aren’t opposed to the idea of chivalry. However, with the spread of information and the increase of knowledge about men attacking women in a vulnerable position, women would much rather handle some situations themselves than accept the help of a stranger.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on the topic. What do you think of chivalry? Is it dead or just subdued?


2 thoughts on “Dead or Alive?

  1. I’m not sure about other places, but in New York it’s dead. I mean mumified at this point. Chivalry is one of those stories you hear about that you would LOVE to believe in, like Santa Claus or the toothfairy.

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