Another Year (Almost) Gone

Last night, I was out late – but not like you would think. It was Mother/Son Dinner at school and I decided to help out. It’s one of the end-of-year activities for the boys and it was great to be able to treasure some of their last nights with them. Additionally, it’s wonderful to see/meet the Moms. In some instances, it was my first time meeting the mothers of the boys who have been in our office all year!

HOWEVER, being on my feet all night serving and chatting with over 66 mother/son combos has me beat.

Yet, the world doesn’t stop. Next year-end activity – prom tomorrow night 🙂

Hope you have a great weekend!


2 thoughts on “Another Year (Almost) Gone

  1. Haha. I can see you instructing the boys to ask their dates the color of the dress so they can buy coordinating flowers 🙂

    • Um, of course! You have to match 🙂 Although, this year the advice I’ve given most is in relation to the prom ask. It’s gotten so big that they’re almost like proposals! When I got asked to prom, it was over the phone. No big gesture required!

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