On Communication and Unconditional Love

Yesterday was Mother’s Day. I went to Mass and while I was there I saw a family: a mother, a father, a young son and a baby daughter. The kids were being kids – chatting away, trying to read, interacting with their parents and, in general, being distracting.

The parents did their best to keep the children subdued and it got me thinking. My siblings and I are three years apart. Meaning when I was seven, my brother was four and my sister was one. I can’t even imagine how much of a handful we were when we were that age (and younger). It’s not like Dad wasn’t around, but I’m sure there were times when it was just one of them parenting by themselves.

Having that revelation led to another one – I haven’t exactly been great about telling Mommy and Daddy Janks how much I appreciate them. While saying ‘thanks for dinner’ or giving a hug is great, I’m sure it’s nice for them to hear how much I appreciate all the sacrifices they made (and continue to make) to make sure each part of our family, including their future, is as strong as stable as possible.

All of us have regrets. Whether it’s something we said/didn’t say or did/didn’t do, if we’re lucky, we have the chance to rectify the situation. I think more than the flowers, card, and dessert, the fact that I told my mom the same story I told you and then acknowledged how great of a job she did in raising all three of us went further than any material object. Her unconditional love has supported me through highs and lows. She has successfully made the transition from my caretaker/disciplinarian to my friend and, with every friendship, deserves the right to be unexpectedly acknowledged for her awesomeness.

So here’s to all the wonderful people in our lives – mothers or not. Thanks for those who love us unconditionally, who treat us better than we sometimes should be treated and who see things in us that we can’t see ourselves. For those who push us to be better, who celebrate with us fully and who, unfortunately, are sometimes overlooked. You rock!

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