Try It Tuesday: Monogram

I received one of my favorite pieces of jewelry as a high school graduation gift.

I wear this bracelet almost every day. There are many reasons why I love this piece: 1. it’s fairly flat so it doesn’t bother me as I type on the computer at work, 2. it’s silver (my preference between gold and silver), 3. it’s a classic, timeless piece, and 4. it’s got my initials on it.

Monogramming a gift not only personalizes it, but allows the gift to serve as an identifier. It also gives it a bit of preppiness. I’ve come to love this bracelet even more now as I realize that I will be changing my initials in a few short months. This bracelet has the potential to be passed along throughout our hypothetical family and means that even though I’ll soon be Mrs. JA, this small piece of me will always be JAJ.

Call me narcissistic, but I’d like to think that this monogram is preserving a piece of my family’s history.

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