The Envelope, Please

Before I get full-on into this post, I want to say the I love Mommy Janks dearly. I’m so lucky to have her as one of the people who loves me unconditionally. However, right now, she’s driving me crazy.

You see, she’s addressing our wedding invitations. I understand that she wants them to be perfect and that she feels a poorly addressed invite could reflect poorly on our family. At the same point, I’m not Emily Post. Ask me whether Dr. comes first even if it’s the woman or if someone I don’t know should receive an Esq. after their name and I just shrug. In the past two days, I’ve sent more texts back and forth with my mother than I have since the JA and I got engaged.

Call me crazy, but most people I know do not save envelopes that house wedding invitations. Or any envelope for that matter. I don’t think my friends will be offended if, upon opening their mailbox, they find an invitation with their name and the person who they live with listed on the same line instead of two separate lines. Oh, the horror!!

I’m not being mean – I totally get where Mommy Janks is coming from. Especially with those guests who are more advanced in age, the salutation matters. However, if someone gets upset over the way your invitation is addressed, to me that’s saying that they are more concerned with their image and title/status than the fact that the JA and I are asking them to be witness to one of the most momentous days in our lives.

Am I justified in thinking this way or is the way the envelopes are addressed really that important?

11 thoughts on “The Envelope, Please

  1. Please don’t spend time/money on extra envelopes and extra lines. Do you remember how informal our invites were? It was like you were coming to a party. Formality? No thanks.

  2. The only thing I’ve had an issue is when I was in college, invited to a cousins wedding, I was attached to my parents invite. I was 23 & was renting an apartment. I felt that I should’ve gotten my own invite. It could’ve been sent to the ‘rents address but I was no longer a part of their household.

    • I understand your frustration. Even if a person is living with their parents, if they are over 18, they are getting their own invite. I felt that if the situation were reversed, I would want my own invite. Therefore, we extended the same courtesy to our guests. Thanks for commenting!

  3. Uugh. what is it about weddings that brigs the etiquette police out? Either you’re excited to go to my wedding, or you’re not.

    • Exactly. However, I understand how those who host the event might want it to have a more formal feel. To each his/her own! Thanks for the comment!

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