Family Time

The majority of this past weekend was spent with the JA’s family. His brother came into town and since he only comes in every once in a blue moon, we felt it only appropriate to spend as much time with him as possible.

Friday night we ate crabs. Coming in from St. Louis, one of the main requirements when DA comes to town is to eat real seafood. We were happy to oblige!

Saturday morning, I took an introductory DSLR photography class with Daddy Janks. For Christmas, he got himself a new camera. I use a DSLR for my job and so when a Groupon came up for a 2-hour introductory class, I snagged two. It really helped me understand the basic functions of the camera. I only wish I had a DSLR of my own so I could practice more often! Below are some of my favorite shots – playing around with the aperture.

The rest of the weekend was spent eating, drinking and hanging out with my future extended family. Not exactly exciting, but perfectly fine by me 🙂

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