Try It Tuesday: Chimpsy

This past weekend, I took a photography class with my dad from the company Chimpsy. Initially, I was drawn to it because there was a Groupon, Dad had gotten himself a DSLR but had yet to take it out of the box, and I use a camera for my job.

With Groupon, things can be hit or miss. Sometimes, you have a miserable experience, sometimes, a half decent one, and once in a while, a really great one. Chimpsy was one of the latter. Granted, I’m a beginner. Additionally, I think each person’s experience depends on their teacher.

Chimpsy offers classes across the nation as well as online. I was thoroughly impressed with the instructor (shout out to Devin!), who not only used the slides provided to him by the company, but illustrated techniques with photos of his own. It made the lesson more personal.

I took the two-hour introductory class – the first hour is used to familiarize yourself with your camera and some basic techniques. The second hour was spent ‘in the field.’ We walked around the block and performed exercises that put the techniques we just learned to the test. I’m a hands-on, visual learner so this style really appealed to me.

After class, a pdf is sent to your email address. While the pdf I received was for the intermediate class, it still held the information covered in the beginner class. Score!

For more information, visit their website or follow them on Twitter!

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