Try It Tuesday: Popcorn, Indiana Kettlecorn

In the summer, one of the major trips for my family is to the Central Pennsylvania Festival of the Arts (Artsfest for those in Penn State community). One of the main reasons my parents generally go, besides to return to their alma mater, is to get some Amish kettlecorn. I know, like, really, Jess? Driving from Baltimore to State College for some popcorn? As I said, it’s not the only reason why they go, but it’s certainly one of the high points of the trip. We’re talking fresh from the cauldron, perfectly sweet and salty, kettlecorn.

I’m not going to be able to make the trip this year, but have found a suitable replacement for my beloved summer snack: Popcorn, Indiana Original Kettlecorn. I tried it over the weekend. It was light, with a good balance between the salty and sweet favors. It’s also made with whole grains and gluten-free.

My one complaint was that there were, at times, big chunks of sugar. However, they were few and far between – certainly not ruining my overall experience.

In addition to other flavors of popcorn, the brand also makes a chip-like product. Certainly on the list to try! Check their website to locate a retailer near you!

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