Sister, Sister

Last night, after a very fulfilling Book Club meeting, I got the rare chance to talk to Nettifred on the phone. She works a lot and it’s hard to sometimes do more than text. Therefore, I jump at the chance to actually hear her voice. (There is totally something to be said for the power of vocal intonation and laughter.)

Nets and I just get each other. We’re weird as only sisters can be. Evidence: The below picture. One of us said something that elicited the following response.We’re special.

There are times where we disagree.

There are times where we combine forces against our parents.

There are times where we’re thick as thieves.

She’s the one who can tell my mood by a ‘hello.’ The one who told me the JA and I were getting married before I realized it. The one whose okay I wanted when I realized the he was ‘It.’

some days it goes well…

others, not so much

She’s coming into town for a few days the weekend after Fourth of July. It can’t come soon enough. The last time we got quality sister time in was when I visited Durham. I absolutely cannot wait to see her!


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