Olympic Madness

The increasing hype surrounding the 2012 Summer Olympics in London hit a high in my household last night. The U.S. time trials for swimming were broadcast and, as a Baltimorean, the main draw for me was the Michael Phelps/Ryan Lochte match up. Earlier this week, Lochte won the 400 individual medley (IM) and the two matched up for the 200M freestyle semifinal last night. Lochte won that match up, too!

credit: The Associated Press

Watching the Olympics, especially the Summer Olympics, makes me feel like a kid. I first saw the commercials last week and made sure to set a reminder to write a post about the pride, patriotism, and general feelings the Olympics evoke in me. It’s just something about watching our players, the best of the best, compete against others of equal caliber. The talent and technique that is shown blows me away. Most times, they make it look so easy! You never know what’s going to happen, who might take the gold with one move. It’s just so magical to me.

After a few days on a mini-vacation (more about that later on this week), watching the trials was a nice way to continue the good feeling that vacation tends to instill in you. It was relaxing, rejuvenating, and all-around exciting. GO USA!

What’s one thing that never fails to make you feel like a kid again?


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