Drink It Up

Whew! What a whirlwind. With power outages and the 4th of July looming, stress levels around this place have been at an all-time high. That’s why today’s Try It Tuesday is something that could potentially help you relax. Or enjoy the holiday week. (Yes, the Fourth of July deserves a week-long celebration.)

There are a few ‘pouch-like’ alcoholic drinks on the market right now, but I’ve only tried the Seagram’s variety.

The JA’s father owns a liquor store (the store was bought on the JA’s 21st birthday, conveniently enough). Sometimes, we have the horribly unfortunate glorious task of taste testing.

My personal favorite was the Frozen Sangria. It didn’t taste as if it contained alcohol. Deadly. Second favorite was the Pina Colada, followed by the Margarita. We didn’t get to the Frozen Daiquiri, but I feel that after tasting three out of the four flavors, I can recommend them.

The family and I decided that these would make the perfect beach drink. Stick a straw in them and it’s an adult version of a kid’s juice drink! They are conveniently packaged and they can stay chilled in a cooler for an extended amount of time.


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