A Reason to Smile

There are certain regional foods that cannot be missed. For us in Baltimore, it’s (Natty) Boh, (Old) Bay and Berger (cookies). I remember the first time I was sent Berger cookies while away at Penn State. My Pennsylvania friends had no idea of the glorious-ness that was evading them, but were soon enlightened.

And then, in turn, they showed me the wonder of a freshly baked Eat N Park smiley cookie. Sure, it looks like a regular sugar cookie. But it is so much more. These sugar cookies are evenly iced, the right amount of chewy and…just delicious. Anytime my friend from Pittsburgh visits, she knows better than to enter my door without them. (Just kidding, Jbomb!)

We smile for Eat N Park cookies!

In researching this piece, I found out that you can customize Smiley cookies or have them shipped! How awesome is that?!

What are you waiting for? Send someone a delicious smile today 🙂

I was not paid in any way to endorse this product. I just love them so much and thought if you have a sweet tooth, you might want to give them a try! To view other Try It Tuesdays, click here.


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