Wifed Up

Working at an all-boys school has, for lack of a better word, exposed me to a great number of things. Especially regarding their vernacular.

Recently, the boys have been throwing around the term ‘wifed up’. For those who are as naive as I was when it came to this saying, it’s used when a boy has a girlfriend who he spends time with rather than hang out with guys. Back in my day, we called it ‘whipped.’

However, since I’m a bride-to-be, I’m a bit more sensitive to this terminology than others. It sparked a conversation between the JA and I about how it could be perceived. While the boys (and presumably their girlfriends) having no problem with it, from my point of view it could be perceived as a bit demeaning.

adorable cake topper from annacrafts on Etsy (click for source)

Does anyone think about it from the girl’s point of view? As a woman who’s close to being ‘hubbed up,’ there are sacrifices to be made on both ends. It’s not just the man that makes changes in lifestyle, habits, social groups – the women do, too!

I realize that it was a bit silly that this term, of all the ones that get thrown around by teenagers, is the one that irked me. Yet, entering into a marriage is a much different journey for a woman than a man – possibly changing your name, becoming a wife, the change in family dynamic, etc. In the end, this term provided some good conversation between the JA and I about the changes ahead of us!

One thought on “Wifed Up

  1. I’ve never heard that term. I do remember the term whipped and the old ball & chain I agree with you that there definitely is a negative connotation.

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