Doggone It!

Last night, the JA and I had the brilliant idea that we are in need of a pet. A dog, to be exact. He’s always wanted one, I’ve never had a pet other than a few fish and my sister’s guinea pigs.

In fact, he’s already picked names for the two we will have – Watson and Crick. He wants Watson to be a smaller dog and Crick to be a LABrador. Yes, he likes it because it’s got the word lab in it. If you’re up to snuff with your science knowledge, you’ll also have realized that Watson and Crick are the two men who discovered the DNA strand. Geek, much?

as always, click image for source

We decided that since this will be my first ‘real’ pet, we’re looking for an older rescue dog – something that won’t need much training. The JA realizes that he may not be able to name the dog as he wishes, but we’ll cross that bridge when it comes.

We looked BARCS, the SPCA, and PetSmart’s adoption selections online. Any other places we should look?

I’m not saying we’ll get one right away due to our schedules in the fall and the impending wedding, but we’re thinking either before the year is out or very early next year we may have added to our family!

Pros and Cons to having a dog? (Seriously. Right now, we need some guidance.) Recommendations in the Baltimore area to adopt a pet?

3 thoughts on “Doggone It!

  1. Yay dogs!!! Rescues are the best 🙂 Depending on their background, they may not know what the dog’s name is/was so you could probably still get your Watson/Crick name. I would look for local shelter’s near your place– the big ones (SPCA and PetSmart) are great, but local is always better in my opinion. You also want to look into what the process is for adopting a pet/how the staff interact with visitors– that really helps gauge whether you’re adopting from a trustworthy place. If you know what breed you are looking for (the lab for example) you could search for lab specific rescue leagues… I know there is one for bulldogs and great danes (yes, I’ve been window shopping for a friend for Franklin).

    Pros- they’re AWESOME, they’re loving, they’re always happy to see you, they’ll do anything to spend time with you, they will always love you no matter what

    Cons- they’re expensive. You think you can create a pretty good budget before you get a dog, but trust me, it’s always more. Medical bills are high- they do have insurance, but they seem to not allow charges for so many things (we just got pet insurance so we’ll let you know how it goes). Learn about your dogs character from the shelter– you two probably would want to steer clear of a “separation anxiety” dog for example- that’s what Franklin is and so when we first got him he followed us EVERYWHERE (doesn’t seem like a bad thing, but as soon as we tried to leave him at home, he would get so worked up and anxious and end up hurting himself). Since you’re going for an older-ish dog, you should probably ask if he/she is crate trained– a lot of people use crates (we don’t). Besides money and potential separation issues, I would say the biggest “con” is that you need to adjust your schedule to fit the pup in– you can’t just go to work and leave him/her at home and then go to happy hour after work… then you come home at 10 and the poor pup has been alone for over 12 hours. It makes you re-prioritize things.. that’s not to say that you can’t still go out and have a very active lifestyle, but my suggestion would be to also look at daycare/boarding places in your area. You may not need to take them to daycare (it gets REALLY expensive) but it’s good for the pup to be comfortable with the place and the people you may leave him/her with when you’re out of town.

    I could gone on for hours but I’ll leave it there- if you want any other advice/help, let me know! Good luck!

  2. I am so excited that you are considering a rescue. As you know I’m a big fan of the pittie breed, so if it’s something you would consider you should check out Mid-Atlantic Bullie Buddies or Ruff Life Rescue (that’s where I got my little Levi and I’m a big fan). Also you could always foster for a little while to get an idea if you are into it. That way you aren’t signing your life away forever, just a little.

    Pros- You always have a cuddle buddy and a little extra protection. Also it’s a great workout partner.

    Cons- Time (traveling is tricky because you always have to make arrangements for your four legged friend)
    Money (It’s not a ton, but it always seems that when you least expect it something will come up)

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