Shower Time!

I’m feeling very blessed right now. As the wedding date gets closer, the stress increases. Thank goodness for events such as bridal showers to force me into taking breaks!

My first shower was a few weeks ago. It was thrown by my bridesmaids and mother at my parent’s home. There were games played, a massive amount of food consumed and reconnecting with friends and family.

this is what you get when too much time is spent to set up a picture

Yesterday, the JA’s family threw another shower for me. At the beginning of the process, I thought it was a bit silly to have a separate event. However, it turned out better this way. I got to spend time with those who came in from out of town and had a chance to chat with everyone for longer than I would have otherwise. We all had a few good laughs!

how well do you know the groom?

As I said before, I am fully blessed to see all those who celebrated with me. Wedding day is a little more than two months away and it was fantastic to relax with everyone 🙂


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