Fit for A Queen

Happy Friday!

Hope you have something fun planned for this weekend. For me, today is dress fitting day! I can’t wait to slip into the wedding dress I chose back in December. I think I’ve settled on my accessories (minus a veil) and am so excited to see the whole shebang.

Click to get a hint about my dress – it’s somewhere on that page.

Yet, before then it’s a busy day off – cleaning, freelance work, solidifying more wedding details, writing thank you notes from my second bridal shower, and running errands. I think I might need another big cup of coffee!

With major storms rolling through last night, there’s still some residual gloominess outside. It was a bit rough getting up and moving today but with a full day of to-do’s, snoozing will have to wait until later!

(Note: I just brewed some Caribou Coffee Daybreak Blend. Verdict? Delicious.)

Take a moment today to be thankful and send kind thoughts to those who are affected by the shooting in Colorado.

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