the B word

This week, I’ve been acting a bit like the B word. Short-tempered, tired, stressed out, and meaner than usual. Especially toward the JA. Poor guy, he had no idea he signed up for all this when we asked me to marry him.

I attribute part of it to the fact my normal routine has been completely obliterated by social engagements and work events. I also think I’m coming down with the summer cold the JA has had since Sunday. No bueno.

Thank goodness my office is unofficially closed next week and we head to the beach next weekend. Plus, it’s Friday! Here are some snapshots of things that have made my week a bit more bearable.

Nothing like a constant reminder of love…and a way to make sure I always have at least one water bottle in the house.

One empty carton, two spoons. The best way to finish off any dessert is to share.

Have a great weekend 🙂


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