During my usual jaunt through the grocery store aisles, there may, on occasion, be something that is not on my list but somehow makes its way into my cart.

One of these items is Popchips. Smaller than a regular bag of chips, these puppies boast 360 calories and 0g saturated fat for the entire 3 oz. ‘share bag’ size.

Why, hello there. How did you manage to be empty already?

The JA and I have tried a few flavors and have enjoyed every one. Popchips are a great alternative when that salty craving arrives. However, you may have to show restraint when eating them out of the bag – it’s easy to keep snacking and realize the majority of the bag is gone! (Note: Popchips are available in single serve bags for those who need a little help with portion control.)

There are eleven flavors from which to choose. I had no idea there were so many; we’ve only tried four! We are taking a few bags with us to the beach – since they aren’t fried, there’s no greasy feeling on your hands post-snack. We can’t wait to crack them open while lounging in the sand!

Note: I was in no way compensated for this review; it’s a part of my Try It Tuesday series! For more reviews about products I love, click here.


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