On Them Internets

As part of my iGoogle homepage, I have a widget that provides me with a ‘how-to’ for the day. Most of the time, I glaze over it, but yesterday it certainly caught my eye…

How to Make a Sports Bra Using a Men’s Brief

Yeeaaah. So, I mean, you know I had to click on that bad boy.

What is that, you say? You’ve never wondered how to use a man’s undergarment to make one of your own?

Me neither. While intriguing, I doubt that this sports bra is in any way supportive of the…ahem, girls.

I guess you learn something new every day?

And as if the above link wasn’t enough, just for fun, I give you the following video.

Happy Thursday/Friday for those of you taking advantage of the holiday weekend!

Come Together

For a few weeks there, it didn’t seem that things would come together – both personally and professionally.

Then, yesterday, something clicked. I was productive at work (completing some nagging items that were hanging over my head) and I can finally start to see a cohesive picture/plan for our wedding day. These next few weeks will be busy, but I’m trying my best to be present and enjoy them.

One way we’re attempting to relax is to get away. For the long weekend, the JA and I are heading out on one final excursion before the wedding. Honestly, it’s what’s propelling me through the week. We will get to hang out with friends, relax and truly enjoy some of our last “single” moments.

I think an important part of my stress level at this point is that I’m letting some of the small stuff go. Between working a full-time job and making time for myself (as well as the JA), wedding planning has been extremely more stressful than I imagined. I know, I know, I had it easy over the summer with decreased hours. However, I was focusing on some bigger picture items and putting off the minutiae. Now that we’re about 20-some days away, it’s time to face them.

And you know what? I found it really easy to discern what I’m concerned with and what I could care less about. Shoe color? I don’t care as long as you have something on your feet. The boys might not have transportation to the church? They’ll carpool if absolutely necessary. No bathroom baskets? People live without them every day.

Have a great Wednesday 🙂


Yesterday in Mass, the priest spoke about being present in our lives – trying to focus on what’s happening right now. He spoke about having dinner with a friend and having him order and then leave to go on a conference call. Of walking into the back of another Mass to see someone on Facebook.

In the age of multitasking and workaholics, when do we take time to breathe? Really, honestly, be present? Even as I type this, the tv is on, I’m thinking about my ‘to do’ list for the day, the week, the next month.

as always, click image for source

Part of the reason I bring this up is because the JA and I went to our annual ‘back to school’ meal (at Stoney River, of course) last night. The fall is really hectic for us normally, and with the wedding thrown into the mix this year, even crazier now. We sat, enjoyed each other’s company, and did our best to be present in the moment. It was really nice to break out of our normal routines and spend some time with each other that wasn’t school or wedding related. We were simply there relishing our food and taking a breath before the first day of classes. (No photos because we were too busy stuffing our faces and cherishing the last few moments of our summertime!)

How do you slow down when things get chaotic?

the Boys

Today, the freshmen report for their first day of orientation and I begin my fourth (seriously? fourth?) year at this job. Yesterday, a few grads from 2011 stopped by to say hi. I am amazed of the transformation that happens during to these boys during high school – they truly become young men.

They enter timid and small in stature, they exit self-assured and standing tall.

While this will be a very hectic fall (the JA and I are getting married in approximately one month – eek!), we are very thrilled to be “back in action.” The campus isn’t the same without the students and we are so thrilled to usher in a new bunch of them today. The school holds a special place in our hearts and we hope that over the next four years that it comes to hold a special place in theirs, too.

With that being said, it’s time to pack lunch, grab some coffee and head out the door! Have a wonderful day 🙂


Today, teachers report back to school. Freshmen begin orientation on Wednesday. It’s an overcast morning which OBVIOUSLY doesn’t make anything better.

But it’s cool outside. The halls will be filling soon, and the hustle and bustle of the year will begin. Summer reading (should be) complete, and I’m working on discussion points that will elicit some sort of response from teenage boys about a subject other than girls.

Soon it will be time for boots and jeans, sweaters and jackets.

Oh, and a wedding 🙂

So many exciting things on the horizon. I’m ready to be busy. I’m ready to be prepping students for interviews with the media. For taking photos of fall sports. For the seniors to come visit during free periods.

Let’s do this, Monday. I’m ready for you.

Two Truths and a Lie

Morning, y’all!

You know that icebreaker titled “Two Truth and a Lie“? (If not, click the link.)

Today, we will play Two Truths and a Lie: Weekend Edition.

1. With about one month to go, we have a TON wedding stuff planned for this weekend.

2. After work today, the JA and I are getting our purple on and heading out to our first Ravens game of the season.

back when I had short hair. how I miss those days!

3. I’m ready for summer to be over and for fall to begin.

photo isn’t mine. click for source.

Honestly? There’s one truth and one and a half lies. #1 is completely false and I couldn’t be happier about it. #3 is partially false. I can’t wait for the weather – tights, boots, jeans and, of course, our wedding. However, the beginning of fall means winter is right around the corner and this chickadee is NOT a fan of the cold/wind.

Have a great weekend!

Tune Up

We’re rockin’ and rollin’ over here on wedding preparation. Earlier this week, we met with our vocalist and officiant. Yesterday, I created a draft of our seating chart and began working with our day-of coordinator for the reception. the JA did his part, too – all his groomsmen have been fit for their suits and he’s ordered their gifts.

One thing that we’re still working on is music.

We have a father-daughter, mother-son, and tentative first dance song. We’ve compiled a running list of tunes for dinner music and ‘must play’ songs.

So I’m turning to you, dear readers.

What are your ‘must play’ songs and absolutely ‘do not play’ wedding songs?