Head Held High

The other night as I was making dinner, I realized that I was slouching. When I’m not paying attention, my pelvis tends to tuck back causing my butt to stick out (TMI? Oops.) If I was standing as I believe I should, my pelvis would be a bit more tucked under, engaging my abs – subsequently straightening my spine and pushing my shoulders back.

Sitting at a desk or on the couch has been slowly killing my posture. In the car, I generally sit up straight, as is helps me concentrate. (Plus, that seat is easier to maneuver.) After being a dancer for multiple years, I never fully understood the effect that ballet had on my body until now.

I wanted to do a bit more research on the topic and found a super-cool infographic that I wanted to share with y’all. It’s a bit long, but very informative.

Hope you have a great Thursday. Keep your head high; tomorrow’s Friday (and keeping your chin parallel to the ground is good for you)!

Good Posture

Source: Greatist Fitness Blog


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