Come Together

For a few weeks there, it didn’t seem that things would come together – both personally and professionally.

Then, yesterday, something clicked. I was productive at work (completing some nagging items that were hanging over my head) and I can finally start to see a cohesive picture/plan for our wedding day. These next few weeks will be busy, but I’m trying my best to be present and enjoy them.

One way we’re attempting to relax is to get away. For the long weekend, the JA and I are heading out on one final excursion before the wedding. Honestly, it’s what’s propelling me through the week. We will get to hang out with friends, relax and truly enjoy some of our last “single” moments.

I think an important part of my stress level at this point is that I’m letting some of the small stuff go. Between working a full-time job and making time for myself (as well as the JA), wedding planning has been extremely more stressful than I imagined. I know, I know, I had it easy over the summer with decreased hours. However, I was focusing on some bigger picture items and putting off the minutiae. Now that we’re about 20-some days away, it’s time to face them.

And you know what? I found it really easy to discern what I’m concerned with and what I could care less about. Shoe color? I don’t care as long as you have something on your feet. The boys might not have transportation to the church? They’ll carpool if absolutely necessary. No bathroom baskets? People live without them every day.

Have a great Wednesday 🙂


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