Feels Like the First Time

For trick or treating, people. Really.

I may or may not be as excited as my 5-year-old next door neighbor about trick or treating tonight. In my adult life, I have not had a steady slew of young’ins approach my door. My parents moved when I was a freshman in college – the neighborhood is spread out and most of the children were grown up. I then went to an apartment and again, trick or treaters weren’t the norm. Now that I’m in a townhouse, I’m super pumped to turn on my outside light and see the costumes this year.

Each year, we try to attend a friend’s Halloween party that is very kid-friendly. The man of the house organizes a plethora of games, including a faux trick or treating that takes place throughout their home. Last year, I was in charge of the bag that contained spinach. This year, I had rubber snakes, spiders, and rats. Truly a trick OR treat experience.

poor kid had no idea what was coming

What are you most looking forward to this Halloween?


The worst of Sandy is (hopefully) over here in Baltimore. The JA and I made it through unscathed – never losing power and only sustaining a few small leaks in our home. We know we are extremely lucky and are certainly thinking about those people who are not.

Although we are not physically at work today, we’re checking things off our respective ‘to do’ lists. Yesterday, we unpacked and organized some more wedding gifts, cleaned up and even made a dinner for his Aunt and Uncle who live very close to us. It was wonderful to see them and we’re deeply embarrassed that we had not had them over for a proper meal since the wedding!

I also did some updates to the blog, adding a Pinterest button and updating my Blogroll. I’m hoping to incorporate Instagram here as well, but if you just can’t wait, you can follow me at jessjanks_a. There may also be a change to Twitter, so stay tuned!

a little motivation, courtesy of Dove chocolate

Have a great day, everyone!

A Weekend Full of Bs and Ps

This weekend was full of with babies,

brews (of the witch variety),


not the prettiest pumpkin, but it’s ours and we like it

and prep. Hurricane Sandy is here and we decided not to hedge our bets and stock up on non-perishable food items, water and other ‘just in case’ items that might come in handy if the power goes out. School is cancelled for the day, so the JA and I are hanging out and trying to be productive!

Funny Friday

We received the full gallery of our wedding photos yesterday afternoon, meaning the majority of my evening was spent oohing, ahhing, tagging and sending. I did, however, manage to get some baking done.

Please disregard the small paint brush in the background. It was drying somewhere else & got placed there inadvertently. The cookies were not affected by its proximity.


I honor of Friday, I’m sharing one of my favorite YouTube videos with you. Enjoy the weekend!

PS – Good luck to all those running in the Marine Corps Marathon this weekend, especially my sista-from-another-motha, Anne! (To continue the punniness you started on your blog, run like the wind!)

Thursday Things

1. Cucumber was the missing ingredient in my chickpea salad yesterday. The JA was right, but let’s just keep that on the down low 😛

2. I have yet to indulge in anything pumpkin this season. I tried the Starbucks VIA pumpkin spice latte, but it didn’t sit well and I gave up. This is in my pantry (thanks, Mommy Janks!) and I’m ready to bust it open and remedy this horrific situation.

3. I had no idea my new last name would be so much trouble. I didn’t think it was common, but trying to find a Twitter handle/email/Facebook username with at least some portion of it included has been unnecessarily difficult!

4. It’s official. I’m in a clothing rut. I talked earlier this week about things that I could give away, and the list keeps growing as I make my way through my closet. I went to the mall yesterday to see some new styles, but nothing caught my eye. So I came home and ordered this online. I’m hoping that a few key pieces can give my closet the boost it needs for fall/winter. Any suggestions for online retailers with cute yet affordable clothes?

Hey There, Chickie

Chickie, as in chickpea. We’re low on groceries and with the temperature still pretty warm for October, I wanted to mix up my meals a bit. So I did what any 20-something girl would do – turned to Pinterest.

I’m one of those people who pins and doesn’t often refer back to them – especially when it comes to meals. Yesterday changed all that.

I was inspired by this recipe but when push came to shove, I didn’t want to buy the ingredients we didn’t already have on hand. So I altered things and came up with this.

forgive the photo, I’m obviously not a food blogger!

Chickpea Salad

4-5 nice sized basil leaves, coarsely chopped
1 can chickpeas, drained
6-7 grape tomatoes, each sliced in half
a few good squirts of Ken’s Lite Raspberry Walnut Vinaigrette dressing
1/4 c. feta cheese

Mix ingredients together in a bowl. Let sit for about 10 minutes. Eat.

For me, it’s good but still missing something – I’m thinking pepper, the JA thought cucumber. I have both on hand and will report back with which filled the flavor gap.

His and Hers: On Laundry

Since I got my flu shot yesterday (and consequently was in bed by 9p), I decided to forgo Try It Tuesday. Instead, I thought y’all might enjoy another His/Hers post. (You can view the original one here.)

JA1 = him
JA2 = her

The scene:
JA2 has just finished a massive load of laundry and has asked JA1 to help her fold it.

JA1: (picks up an item of clothing) What IS this?! A skirt? (makes a move to put his legs into it) A shirt? Some combination of the two?
JA2: Stop putting your stinky feet in my clothes! It’s a shirt. (grabs the item and holds it upright) See the armholes?
JA1: Whatever. Stupid girl clothes. I don’t get how to fold them, so I’m not touching them anymore.
JA2: How convenient. (shoots him a ‘I know what you’re up to’ look)
JA1: (picks up another item of clothing). Um, this is yours.
JA2: It’s a t-shirt! I know that you know how to fold that.
JA1: It’s pink. Which means, no, I do not know how to fold it. Who knows if there’s a special way to fold girl t-shirts!
JA2: Oh. my. goodness. Just give it here. Don’t think this is over, mister.
JA1: (smiles and continues to only pick out and fold ‘male’ clothing)